Monday, 8 July 2013

how long would u expect to woek for us if hired?


How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

answer 1.

I would like to work in your company as long as it values my ideas and treats me as an asset for the growth of the company

answer 2.

Until you and I feel that I am doing my job perfectly. And I'll work until my skills are useful to company.

answer 3.

Sir I'm a fresher.

So now I want a one platform where I can utilization my skills and knowledge so I feel yours company is suit for my career. And as long as company requires my service and as long as I will work for company thank you.

answer 4.

As long as I fell comfortable with this company and as long as company is comfortable with me. 

answer 5.

I would work for your company till I feel that there is nothing more to learn here and I am sure the scope of learning never end therefore I see myself in a big position in your company and for that I have to spend a good number of years.

answer 6.


As I am a fresher, if you give me an opportunity to work in this organization I will feel its my pleasure to work and I will work for the company as long as company requires my service and as long as I will grow technically and economically. 

answer 7.

There need to be proper balance and a symbiotic relationship b/w the org. And the employees.

If any org. Wants the best out of their employees, it should satisfy their hunger to excel through proper incentive and opportunity.

The two things should run in parallel and should reciprocate each other for a fruitful relationship. Neither of them should consider themselves a liability.

(This will give the interviewer and idea about how long you are going to work. You don't need to mention it exclusively. ).

answer 8.

Sir, I am here for a permanent type of the job and for my grate future by earning for me and for my company. So I will be here till I also growing along with the company and Every person seeks for an better opportunity, and I think your company is a grate place for learning and as well as earning, so why does I will quite from such a place.

answer 9.

I will work with this company as long as my presence benefits both the company and mine in parallel. So that company gains good results and I can be in a position to improve my skills.