Saturday, 6 July 2013

can u work under pressure??


Can you work under pressure?

answer 1.

Sir Work Pressure never gives wrong result and if there is no pressure during work we became lazy persons. In pressure we always try to obtain our actual output of work. So I think there should be little bit pressure while working. Hence sir I believe to work in pressurized situation more than normal situations.

answer 2.

Frankly speaking being a student of engineering. I always worked under pressure since I am from a private college so full attendance. I have faced 2 exam in one day and got good marks. So I can assure you that I can work under pressure. Pressure is something which force me to do good work. Which brings best from me.

answer 3.

Yes, of course Sir, I can work under pressure because in this type of situation I can show my hidden ability & talent to prove myself and it gives me idea to handle in different situation.

It also gives opportunity to think in a different manner to make a Significant contribution to the Success of the Organization.

answer 4.

Yes I can work under pressure because real ideas and efforts comes in pressure situation. Pressure taught us how to take challenges and put your efforts for the company.

answer 5.

Yes I can it make me fast to do any work. It is just as a dog is running to you and you are running to escape. Sometimes it gives the feeling that you have to be fast that to be perfect. Sometimes it gives inspiration for learning such as for ex. In exam time the thing which we could not understand in 6 months it will be understandable in a day due to the pressure. So take as positive as you can as a game than the pressure will not be the pressure cooker.

answer 6.

Definitely I will work under pressure. It will increase our thinking levels. When we are in pressure we will think only on the particular thing. And definitely pressure sharps our mind and provides a solution.

answer 7.

As I said, when I was introducing myself that I am a positive thinker, cool and calm1 even under pressurizing situation. So I can do the work under pressure and that I know that working under pressure will give me new experience.

answer 8.

Yes I can do work under pressure. Sometimes pressure can improve our efficiency & effectiveness, &make me more qualitative. I will take pressure as pleasure because it will be beneficial for company.

answer 9.

Yes sir, working under pressure shows you talent and determination. Everyone can does the work in normal situation but a challenger can accept any situation and do the best performance under the pressure and if he feels the pressure as pleasure he can do more effectively and can achieve anything in his life.

answer 10.

Yes sir, definitely I can. Pressure increases my efficiency and force me doing better work. Definitely I can term pressure into pleasure.