Saturday, 6 July 2013

What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?


What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?

 answer 1.

Childhood story of tortoise and rabbit race is an example.

Tortoise was confident that he could win.

Rabbit was over-confident that he can't lose even he would take a nap.

answer 2.

Confidence will utilize your skills efficiently thereby delivering success.

Over Confidence will override your skills leading to failure many a times.

answer 3.


Confidence means I can do this work, Over Confidence means only I can do this work.

A confident person always ready to learn from others & a over confident person want that every person learn from him/her, he don't want to learn from others. Confidence increases a person's quality but over confidence decreases a person's performance or quality. 

answer 4.

Simple definition sir, confidence is "I can do this and I know this" and over confidence is " I only can do this and I only know this" there is a lot of difference between these two.

answer 5.


Confidence is somewhat that, when a person knows both sides and thinks I will try my best my to solve the problem. And over-confidence is when he blindly guesses and thinks he can solve any problem.

answer 6.

Confidence: I have knowledge to do anything. Over confidence: I have knowledge more than others I can do anything and everything.

answer 7.

This question regarding interview.
Why another example.

If you select me I will try to do my best its"confidence".

If you select me definitely I will do my best its" Overconfidence".

New company As a fresher or Experience both candidates are same,
Its good impression when you say.

answer 8.

'Over confidence' has one word more than 'Confidence'.

Trying for this kind of different example is Confidence.
Thinking this is the Smartest answer is Over Confidence.

answer 9.

Knowledge is confident: Confidence comes from the knowledge if you have knowledge on the subject then you can show yourself as a confident.

Overconfident shows you do not have knowledge only you are showing yourself you are wise man.

answer 10.

According to my opinion Confidence means make a assertion of that I can do the particular job and over confidence means make a assertion of that I can only do the particular job.

The one word "Only" make a huge difference between confidence and over confidence.

We can also see the example like A story of hare and tortoise. In which hare was over confidence that he will win the race and tortoise had the confidence that I will win the race with patience. Here confidence show "success" and over confidence show "failure".