Monday, 8 July 2013

are not u overqualified for this position?


Are not you overqualified for this position?

answer 1.

Certainly not qualification is something that make a person qualified if it is a concomitant with actual work so for me qualification can never be complete without actual work experience.

answer 2.

I am not at all overqualified sir, whatever work we do we cannot be successful just like that only because we have more degree. It also depends on our ability to perform the job, our decisions all counts for a success of a job. And I personally believe that whatever I have learnt till today is just an arms length and there are things more than sea's length which I wouldn't have learned them yet.

answer 3.

No, not at all sir, I think I am qualified enough for this job because sir practical knowledge is totally different from theoretical and even though learning has no limits.

answer 4.

I am not over qualified neither any one because leaning has no boundary and everyone learn some thing daily personally or professionally.

answer 5.

No. Sir/madam I am not over qualified but I think I am enough qualified for this position. I am just a fresher and I don't have any experience and I am sure that this job will give me a good experience and enhance my skills.

answer 6.

NO not at all, qualification is not a matter of theoretical knowledge its purely based on practical work and learning. And there is no end for learning, I hope that am well qualified but not over qualified.

answer 7.

Well, I think I am not a over qualified but I am enough qualified for the job in your company. And I am not in a position that allows me to judge my qualification, I believe it is yours sir.

answer 8.

No sir. I'm not overqualified for this position because I think that I am a fresher so I have to need to learn something. I know that I have great knowledge of this field but I think that without practical knowledge, you can't do anything so I'm not overqualified. 

answer 9.

No Sir I'm not, lot of things I yet to learn, I believe there is no end of learning.

answer 10.

No Sir, I don't think I am Overqualified for that post... now i have just theoretical knowledge about my field when i will get practical knowledge that time I can Consider me just a well qualified not overqualified...because learning never ends..we will run new things till our death..