Saturday, 6 July 2013



What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

answer 1.

Smart work: Other words it is " TEAMWORK " gives 100% success.

Hard work: Without considering the others. Luckily it may success.

answer 2.

Smart work means : reach at the destiny within few minutes by utilising the best of your knowledge.

Whereas hard work means: search the entire encyclopedia to reach at the destiny by spending hours and days but works better later.

answer 3.

Hard work : work perform without consideration of priority for skills.

Smart work : work perform with proper skills at proper time.

answer 4.

Hard work means continuously moving towards the goal.

Smart work means finding better ways to achieve the goals.

answer 5.

HARD WORK: Doing the work for a long time with stress.

SMART WORK: Thinking creatively to complete a work in a short period of time.

answer 6.

Hard work = Do but don't think.

No work = Think but don't do.

Smart work = Think first and then do.

answer 7.

Hi friends,
Its easy to define.

Hard work - Cut the tree from top to bottom.
Smart work - Cut the tree directly to bottom.

answer 8.

Hard work means putting more efforts to achieve a target or goal.

Smart work means putting your knowledge and intelligence to achive a target or goal.

answer 9.
Explained with the help of an example.

A man keeps on cutting trees with an unsharp saw, he does manage to cut a few number of trees (this is hard work). Had he sharpened the saw he could have managed to cut many more number of trees (this is smart work). So utilizing your resources efficiently means smart work.

answer 10.

Hard Work: is the key to success in long term. It takes your more physical energy.

Smart Work: is the key to get success in short term. It only takes a set of your skills.