Wednesday, 25 June 2014

epic one group discusion topic>>>Up the Down Staircase


Up the Down Staircase

 answer 1.

Yes, agree with Surey. "Failure is the steeping stone for success". If we don't fail, how we would find our mistakes, where we are lagging. Take an example of Edison. He experimented and failed 12000 times to invent bulb as a result now we live in illuminated world even in night. What about Mahatma Gandhi?He fought for us, failed but bring freedom for us at last.

answer 2.

Hello, this topic can be viewed in a positive way by the saying "failure is the stepping stones for sucess". Only if we fail in a thing we'll think a lot to get succeed in that. Life consits of many ups and downs. Making our downs into up's lead to sucess. So up the down staircase of your life.

answer 3.

We all know that it is easier to climb down than to climb up.Yet to achieve growth or success in life we need to climb up or trek the tougher path than the easier one of stepping down. So life might throw us a down-staircase but we try to go up.

answer 4.

Success is not something you earn or achieve ... but it's a journey in life. Once you reach it you have to continue to work to to keep it. So why do we alwasy stand still and wait for someone or something to give us success?