Tuesday, 24 June 2014

group discusson topics!!!!! Politics is run by the Barrel of Gun


Politics is run by the Barrel of Gun

answer 1.

Nowadays, I think politics with barrel of guns is only seen in the remote area or maoist area and I want to categories it on the basis of area :

In rural area the voters are given money to vote for the party and the poor people in the villages cast their vote by taking money because most of people in the rural area are illiterate.

In urban area the people are aware and intelligent and they know to whom they should vote and they are not distracted by these money bribe and other type of bribe.

In Remote area here votes are taken by the barrel of the guns.

answer 2.

Friends as per my point of view politics is run by barrel of gun because in rural area people are not aware about their rights and power. In rural area votes are purchased by money or forcefully taken by the point of gun. If people aware about their right to vote and if police will give protection then relation between gun and politics can be broken.

answer 3.

Politics is meant for the betterment of the people of the country. If a rule is to passed, all the elected members should discuss about the pros and cons and then jump to any conclusion.

But there are many cases where the results are affected by the barrel of gun, ie gun power. Not only in passing the laws, some politicians use it to save themselves from crimes.

answer 4.

Public keep their eye in every step of politicians. So if they do anything wrong public do not spare them. Similarly for every good deed they are encouraged.