Wednesday, 25 June 2014

the beat creative group discussion topic!!!>>>Food Comes First, Ethics Later


Food Comes First, Ethics Later

answer 1.

Nothing is good or bad on this earth. But the thinking makes so. Food, water and shelter are the bare minimum requirements for any human beings on this earth. Ethics are only for good people and that is something Kinda an inborn quality and about the bad guys it is simple non existent. But to live in this highly civilized world.

We do require ethics. I suppose, you all will agree the point that ethics can only be followed when one is alive. And the later is only possible if one is able to satisfy his basic necessity of food and water. So, practically. The statement 'Food Comes First, Ethics Later' holds true. But, as I earlier told it is debatable considering the type of person

answer 2.

Food and ethics are inter-related things. If a person is not getting enough food ethics are not going to help him out. But every time for getting food we should not forget the ethical values. There should be limit. Earn for your basic needs and not for comforts.

answer 3.

According to me, both food and ethics are important but the priority changes according to the section of people we consider.
If a beggar has ethics and no money, its of no use.
If a rich person has a lot of money and no ethics, he is not worthy to live.