Tuesday, 24 June 2014

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Terrorism in India

answer 1.

Terrorism is one of the problems faced in India next to corruption. India is the second most populous country next to china, but when you compare the security measures implemented in china and India, china is more superior. India is more vulnerable to the acts of terrorism primarily due to lack of stringent security measures, most of the states in India do not have proper security checks in malls, railway station and other areas where the crowd is more. The only security check that is quite stringent is in the airport, 5 star hotels and big shopping malls.

The government of India must create more awareness to the public and also must make sure more polices men are recruited in order to protect the welfare of the society.

There are many people who are unemployed and are willing to contribute to the society so by recruiting more people for policing can improve the security of the country.

The other main problem is in India it is more of reactive approach than proactive or preventive, when a terror strikes all of a sudden there will be rise in security level and it will stay for few days but it needs to be through, because one does not know when it will strike, we need to educate people to be alert and any if any suspicious found need to be informed to the police immediately so that acts of terror can be avoided, so its not only the police but also the entire nation should stay united to eradicate the acts of terror through the form of prevention and education.

answer 2.

Terrorism is one of the issues that should be brought into everyone concern. Reasons for terrorism are many. One of them is poverty. For getting food it is the human nature to do anything. Another one is lack of education due to which people cannot understand which is good and which is wrong. I don't think any religion promote terrorism.

All religions believe in truth. And also our military forces are trying to eradicate this from our nation. Securities, weapons, technology all are getting upgraded every day. Still attacks are happening in our nation. If we read the news about these attacks we can find at least one Indian behind it.

So I think most important measure to eradicate this problem is to reach minds of individuals. It is not an easy task. They should be given proper education and help them tackle poverty by helping them to get their basic needs. Not just government we young people can also contribute to it. We young people are the ones who are going to lead our country. If we raise our fellow people and stand and a wall against this terrorism, it can be easily removed.

answer 3.

Terrorism is very dangerous for us and for our country. We all know that it is present in all over the world. There are many reasons to make a terrorist. Anyone didn't deliberately choose this path. Everyone chooses this path due to lack of money, poverty etc. There are also some antisocial elements in all over the world which spread this. If we talk about our country, there are many organisations like IM, Laskaer-e-taiba etc present in every corner of our country. The main reasons behind him i.e. poverty, unemployment, illiteracy etc. So, government should take strict steps to remove it. They should increase the sources of employment, economic reforms, increasing literacy rate etc. After that, we can decrease in terrorism.

answer 4.

Terrorism is one of the major problem in our country. We should not blame government for this problem because they are not only responsible. Some people brainwash the educated people. They use their brain for negative thoughts like preparing bombs, blasting the bombs etc. The solution to the problem is to destroy the unemployment, if we do it automatically terrorism will be destroyed.