Tuesday, 24 June 2014

group discusion topic!!!!~~~>Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?


Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?

answer 1.

I completely agree with Tanishka, Beauty and Brain are not interdependent, if one wants to look Beautiful they will definitely spend more and look beautiful but what about the inner beauty, According to me The Person is beautiful by his thoughts, his actions and his attitude towards other. Brain tells us what person is exactly up to, If the Person is beautiful from outer appearance but has no brains to work with then He/She cannot survive for Longer period of time in society.

Blessed are the Ones who are Beautiful and have Brains.

To Conclude I would say Always Try to Develop Inner Beauty since its with You till End unlike Outer beauty,

Hence In rare cases Beauty and Brain Go Together.

With Your Knowledge lit others home light which is Beauty & Brain.

answer 2.

Hi friends. Beauty with brain is nearly perfect combination of a person, but brain has priority than beauty, both can go together, we all know there are two types of beauty inner or outer, outer beauty is fickle and it will be vanish after some time but inner beauty is the only quality of any person which tells about his virtues and brain.

Our brain plays an important role to create our inner beauty. Our mind read good thoughts, from good thoughts we do good action, good action creates good habit, habit creates character and good character creates good destiny, which leads to us towards our inner beauty. It is permanent. So we should work on our inner beauty through good thoughts.

answer 3.

I think that there is no such relation of beauty with brain. Beauty is profligate and temporary. Beauty is just to capture the eyes but the intellectual brains capture the brain and rule the heart of many people. According to the science all have same brain and same number of neurons, it matters how to simulate those millions neurons. There are many intellectuals like APJ Kalam, Einsteins who are known for their work no matter how they look or what they wear.

answer 4.

I don't think that there is any relation between beauty and brains. I think beauty can attract a person only for sometime. But at last its the inner beauty of soul, which matters. A person having good looks but no brains, seems to be impossible to succeed. But a person having a outstanding brain can obviously succeed in a great way overtaking the so called 'BEAUTY'. APJ Abdul kalam and Mother Teresa would be the best example. Inspite of being not so beautiful, these people are the most adorable people all over the world and a idol of millions!Beauty of looks can attract few of eyes, but Beauty of mind can attract millions of hearts!

answer 5.

According to my opinion God had gifted human beings with two things beauty or mind. But it is generally seen that minded people are not so beautiful and beautiful persons are not that much minded. In all the world minded people are recognized everywhere but it is not necessary that everyone will respect beautiful persons. All the leading personalities of this world for ex. Abraham Lincoln, Hitler, Margret tchackture, Indira nooyi, A. P. J Abdul kalam etc were not so beautiful but their talent and intellect had been recognized by whole world. That's all thank you.