Saturday, 6 July 2013



Why do you want to work at our company?

answer 1.

Everybody wants to work in reputed company like your and this organisation is the good platform where I can improve my skills and learn new thing also.

answer 2.

I want to work for your company because your company is employee focused. Your company always provide opportunity to employee for their better career. Moreover your company built trusty relationship with employee which makes your company stand first, when it comes to result. Your company always try to provide employee friendly environment that helps your employee to work under stress. Moreover your company believe in integrity and for every success they reward employee first.

answer 3.

As I am a fresher, I had skills and knowledge. So i need a platform to prove my skills and knowledge, your company is one of the best in MNC's so your company is the best platform to me. This is good for me and I will effort 100% work to improve your growth.

answer 4.

As I am fresher I have only enough knowledge. But knowledge is wasted until-unless it gets direction. By working in your reputed MNC my knowledge get appropriate direction and I will learn real time work from your company.

answer 5.

As I m a fresher I need a platform where I can start my professional tour to prove knowledge and skill so your company will provide me the opportunity to prove myself I'm fully confident that I will prove myself and gain some extra knowledge in working field.

answer 6.

As being a fresher and I need a good platform to enhance my skills and knowledge. Your reputed company is a one of best platform for start career of a fresher. It will be my opportunity to start my career train with your growing company where I will not only develop my skills and knowledge but also contribute my best effort to achieve goal of company.

answer 7.

Every body wants to working in reputed companies like yours and your company is good platform to improve my knowledge, skills and personal growth.