Saturday, 6 July 2013




Are you willing to relocate or travel?

 answer 1.


Definitely I would like to relocate to meet new people there can be nothing better than doing work with touring.

answer 2.

Yes, I am ready to relocate or travel. I will be happy to learn new people and culture. Learning is most important dimension of living life.

answer 3.

No issues with the relocation sir. It will help me to increase my communication skills by meeting new people in a new environment and learning new things. It will be an opportunity to add new things to my professional life. 

answer 4.

Yes of-course sir, It would be pleasure for me. It will give me an opportunity to interact with different culture people and gaining new experience and knowledge, which would be benefit for me as well as my company also.

answer 5.

Yes sir definetly, I am ready to relocate any where as per company needs and it is also time to learn new things for me first I will give preference to my job than my comfort.

answer 6.

Yes I am ready to relocate as per the needs and requirements of the company, on my personal front it will also help me develop myself as an individual by gaining knowledge about work culture and function of organisation at various locations.

answer 7.

Yes sir, depending upon the needs and requirements of the company, I will not have any issue with the relocation. I can give my best performance in any location of the world because I love my job and my responsibilities and It would be my pleasure to relocate myself because I will be able to get a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience from different cultures and different kinds of people, which will be benificial for me as well as for my company also.
answer 8.

Of course, sir. It is a great pleasure for me to relocate or travel. These things give ideas of the outer world. I could gain knowledge about subject and non subject topic. As a fresher I would like to work for companies both inner and outer growth.

answer 9.

Yes, I have no issues with the relocation. I am staying away from home from last five years, therefore I am not home sick. And I like to come across different cultures and well experienced people, and it will help me to groom my skills and knowledge.

answer 10.

Yes sir I am ready to relocate as per the company's requirement since the knowledge never changes in relocating and we can enhance great knowledge from the new persons and we can improve our communication better with any kind of people and I feel it is one of my strength to work at any place. 

answer 11.

Yes sir. i would like to relocate myself for the benifit of my company as it would gain me new experiences,and i would be pleased to work in a different environment and culture.