Saturday, 6 July 2013

Why should i hire you??


Why should I hire you?

 answer 1.

You know Everyone at one stage in their life have no experience, If they were not given a chance they would not have been in the places where they are now, So I expect myself to get a chance to prove my talent and my skills.

 answer 2.

 I am a fresher I don't have any previous experience with this kind of job but I have skills and I need a platform where I can put my skills and knowledge in to best use, if an opportunity is given I will definitely prove myself. 

 answer 3.

 Why should you hire me, there is two reason, 1st one is that as you know I am fresher I have not any experience but I have knowledge as well as I am responsible person so you should give me one chance to prove my self thanks and second one is that my qualification is match to this job profile.

 answer 4.

I am a dedicated selfmotivated willing to learn individual looking for a platform to fully explore my abilities to the success of the organisation.

 answer 5.

To fulfill the need of both organization and my knowledge. I eager to utilize my existing knowledge and put forward the growth of organization what is exactly the need of organization whereas for me I want to get the depth knowledge and gain the experience while working with valuable environment, experienced people and new technologies.