Friday, 22 January 2016

Dude,Confidence matters at All in HR interview... Understand and Lead your self

What you think How hard to pass any Interview...

Any interview Generally HR interview is One type of PHYSIOLOGICAL type of testing.Interviewer trying to confuse,anger you by asking tricky question.

These questions are some times too much tricks to test your patience and Anger..

One of this is as follows...

Old Interview
 Do you have a sister in your family..??
yes,Sir i have an Elder sister who also is in college.
Old Interview
(testing your patience and level of anger.)
Do you mind if i ask her to came with a DATE with ME

This question blast Volcano in your mind to slap him on his face as hard as possible..

But Cutest answer if you are clever is...
                 "If her Sweet Uncle propose her daughter for date its my pleasure to sent her with you.."
Ø  group discusion topics!!!!! terrorism in india

All matters are how you react spontaneously to reply as cleverly as you can..
The more political you are the best candidate you will...

This is the best site to Test your Patience and Anger as an Interviewing. find BELOW