Monday, 19 January 2015

Frequently Asked Infosys Interview Questions

By leading Sklz
Infosys interview questions are very tricky and you need to do regular homework and hard work to crack the questions. Infosys is one of the leading multinational software companies that places a huge number of employees every year. This very company is tied up with a number of top Engineering and Management colleges in the country and a number of students from several institutions got placed in here every year. Getting placed at Infosys is like a dream come true and this is why this leading IT company is the main focus of so many students. So let us get a detailed look at the question pattern and types of Infosys interview questions and how to crack it as well.

A Brief Idea about the Infosys Interview

But it is not an easy task to crack Infosys interview at the first go. Since Infosys hugely deal with the fresh candidates and place the student through college campus interviews this is why its question pattern is a bit different from the other companies. Students are very much bothered about how they can crack the Infosys interview? How are the Infosys interview questions? Which pattern does it follow? How to get prepared for it and much more.
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Two Rounds of the Infosys Interview

There are mainly two rounds in the interview process of this leading IT software company. The first round is Aptitude and the second round is HR interview.
  • You must act in a very decisive manner in order to prepare for the Infosys interview questions. As we have already said earlier that the question pattern of Infosys interview is way different from other companies this is why while preparing for Infosys you must be dedicated to it.
  • The best and the most interesting part of this company is that even being an IT solution company Infosys never asks questions on technical matters. This lessens the burden to a great extend however since the extend of reading reduces it is expected of a candidate to pay as much attention as possible so that he or she can deliver the best with full perfection.
  • The specialty of Infosys interview questions is all the questions are very much practical most importantly the verbal part.
  • In the question paper there is an English language test for which you have to be very good in grammar and vocabulary. This is at the same time the most scarring part that students can score 100% marks in this segment. So if you feel you are anywhere lacking in English start preparing a hit it at your best. You will face questions like correct the following sentence, write the synonyms of the words given, write the correct answer etc. More you practice these more you will become perfect and chances to score high will also increase.
After that comes the aptitude round which includes quantitative and logical questions. This part is to test and play with your brain and merit and this is the most tricky part of all the rounds. This is where they judge your analytical power and as well as how well you have prepared yourself.

After being successful in this segment the HR round interview starts an this round is way easier than the previous one and the questions are also much familiar. In this segment questions are of the regular interview types. Let us see the questions you may be asked in the HR interview round.

Common Infosys Interview Questions

As we have already said these questions are many familiar and friendly. You may be asked
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Your career goal
  • Your hobbies
  • They can even ask you about your family background- When they ask you about your family background, you need to be little clever. They do not prefer candidates with BUSINESS background. If your father is a businessman, make sure you are able to convince them that you are interested in working for them and you are not going to join your father’s business. Trust me, this is really a very important point you should keep in mind. Moreover, if you are the only child of your parents, please prepare yourself how you can convince them that being the only son/daughter wont be an issue anytime.
  • Are you ready to handle a team under pressure? How would you manage your team
  • What will be your motto to motivate your team?
  • Do you get puzzled under pressure?
  • What is your biggest strength and weakness?
  • Tell us something about your biggest failure and achievement
  • Why this college and this stream?
  • Why Infosys?
  • What do you know about Infosys?
  • Why should Infosys hire you?
  • Do you have any query?

Tricky Infosys Interview Questions

These very common and professional ones. Apart from that the company even asks you very friendly even sometimes funny question as well like
  1. What is favorite movie and song?
  2. Who is your favorite actor?
  3. Which kind of movie you like to see?
  4. Your dream vacation spot?
  5. Your favorite cuisine?
As a whole the interview session of this company is not impossible to crack. All you need is to prepare yourself as well as possible and at the same time learning other tricks to crack an interview like fluent communication skill, presence, attire etc.