Friday, 24 February 2017

Behavioral Interview Tips

Behavioral Interview

Behavioral Interview  is the kind of interview  of which  the goal is to identify  whether the candidates have suitable  skills for the job. In such an interview,  the interviewers  shall not ask what you will do, but instead, what you did. They want to know how you handled  certain circumstances  that you have experienced  in the past and based on your answer, they will evaluate how well you handle such circumstances  in the future. 

STAR is short for a procedure, in which:  

•  S = Situation: describe the situation. 
•  T = Task: identify  the goals you wish to achieve.
•  A = Action: determine  the action you should  perform to reach such goals. 
•  R = Result: what is the result you expect? 

Behavioral interview  tips :

1. Have you prepared carefully  before a Behavioral Interview.  Read the job description carefully  and your profile  as well.  Identify  which qualifications,  abilities  or skills  of yours should be most suitable to the job. 

2. Prepare a list of questions that may be asked in a Behavioral Interview  after considering job description.  Also, prepare answers to such questions. 

3. The interviewer  may want to know about your behavior in certain situations  (guess which situations  it may be) or your past experience in working which may influence  on the performance  of current job. Emphasize  on your abilities  or skills which  help you resolve problems in the past or help improve  your performance.    

4. Be coherent in your stories. Begin  with a brief introduction  to the problem. Then, talk about your action, and the result of your action. Finally,  summarize  your approach and solution. 

5. The interviewer  may wish to debate on certain problems during  your working experience. It is because he or she is seeking your abilities  to perform the duties for which they are recruiting.  He or she wants to know how you take over a new challenge  and how you can resolve new problems.  

6. Answer as sincerely  as possible.  Don‘t lie as if you are discovered, it shall be very a very bad situation.

7. There may be some argumentative  questions.  And to deal with them, firstly,  you have to stay calm and think  of them carefully.  Make your points clearly  and confidently.  Don‘t be much worried about lose. The point here is that you are confident  with your approaches.

8. The interviewer  doesn‘t expect you can handle every situation.  If he or she raises one which you were unable to resolve,  explain  its result and why you couldn‘t deal with it. Tell him or her which  you have learn from such failure. 

9. Remembering  everything  at moment of the interviewer  asking the questions  is nearly impossible.  So, the most important  tip is that you have get yourself prepared carefully before the Behavioral  Interview.