Saturday, 5 March 2016

SOAR model to answer a behavioral question for crack any Interview

SOAR Model 

Think of a situation in which you were involved having a positive outcome, or having a negative outcome from
which you learned valuable lessons.
Describe any obstacles you encountered in the situation. 

Specify what specific actions you took in this situation to overcome the obstacles and achieve your results.

Highlight the positive outcomes. 

The following example shows how you might use the SOAR model to answer a behavioural question.

You indicated on your resume that leadership is one of your strengths. Please describe an experience where you
used your leadership abilities to manage a recent challenge.

During my third year of college, I was elected Vice President for Educational Programs for my student
professional association. The responsibilities of the position included securing speakers for our meetings,
advertising the programs to the campus community, introducing speakers, and evaluating each program.

Attendance at meetings last year had decreased substantially due to a decline in the overall club membership.The goal of my position was to implement programs to address the professional development of our members and to increase attendance by 25% compared to last year.

I assembled a team to help with the program design and speaker selection. We developed a survey to assess the members’ professional interests and gather ideas for possible speakers and topics. We had each member complete the survey. Then we randomly selected members for a focus group interview. I had learned about this research technique in my Marketing Research class and thought it would help us identify why attendance had dropped.

Based on the information we gathered from the surveys and interviews, we selected speakers for the entire year and produced a brochure describing each program and the featured speaker. Under my leadership, attendance increased 150% over the previous year.