Thursday, 10 March 2016

Job Interview check-list:3 Sweet,simple and Important step do do before appearing in any job Interview

1. Before the Day of the Interview

a. Do Company Research:

You can do a research about following matters:
  1. Industry standards: current trends, required skills, and career prospective 
  2. Organization: main business lines, vision, mission, background, future plans and past achievements, competitors 
  3. Job opportunity: job requirements, possible problems asked during an interview Interviewer: name, position, designation and department; research on the website or make a call and ask for such details 
  4. Salary: travel expenses, living costs, acceptable range, acceptable salary offer for the positions
b. Interview Questions:

You can follow the tips as suggested to answer interview questions. Try to be natural and remember not to memorize answers;
You can write down your points before answering a questions so that you can refer to them at a later time;

c. Mock-up Interview

You can ask a friend to have a mock-up interview with you to practice; Try to remain calm, confident and positive;

d. Details of an Interview

Contact: you should find out about the names and contact numbers of the interviewers so that you can contact them in case of an emergency that makes you unable to attend the interview

Confirmation: It is always a good idea to confirm the meeting schedule with the interviewers before the day of the interview

e. Get to know the interview location

Location: You can go to the interview location before the interview day to make sure you know how to get there and be comfortable with the direction

Parking area: Parking area should be known, too.

Means of transport: You should schedule your means of transport, via public bus, train or taxi, etc.
f. Get dressed
Choose your attire outfit in compliance with the standards of the organization, if you may know; you can ask the receptionist or someone in the organization about dressing standards.

Keep your appearance tidy and clean; no mark, stain or tear

Wearing stocks paired with shoes

Take it easy and walk gently to the interview location

Wear clean and non-flashy ties

Always take a handkerchie f / tissue with you and do not wear extravagant accessories

Always prepare a back-up suit and attire for any sudden problem

Taking umbrella is also a good point

g. Emergency Fix-it Kit

Sewing kit and pin Comb, hair gel Breath mint Deodorant

Extra cloth and panty


h. Documents
Always take a copy of your resume with you

Bring your academic transcript, mark-sheet (both originals and copies are acceptable) Certificates and academic diplomas should be taken, too.

A few pens and small notebook

2. On the Day of the Interview a. Before the interview

Clean and make up yourself, clear your dress

Have a good sleep

Have a good bath, brush your teeth and have a shave

You can use deodorant, cologne or perfume, but remember not to overuse it

Try not to smoke or drink any alcohol since it is very easy to cause a bad impression

Be on time: punctuality is essential

Arrive 10-15 mins earlier; contact if you may be late

Go to the receptionist and ask for the meeting schedule; fill in forms, if any

b. During the interview
 Never chew gum or anything, do not play with your hands or dresses or hair

Turn off or silent down your phone (vibrating mode should be justified if there is anything more important than the interview)

Greet the interviewers with a smile and firm handshake
Maintain your positiveness

Address the interviewers by proper titles (e.g. Ms. Potter, Dr. Smith); it is ok that you can ask how to address them
Keep a good eye contact

Be attentive, nod showing ―yes‖ and your understanding Impress the interviewers by selling your strong points Maintain your confidence

Keep using affirmative words such as ‗I Have‘, or ‗I can‘ Avoid using ‗Maybe‘ or ‗I don‘t‘ or ‗I cannot‘

Avoid slang words or expression such as ‗uhh‘ ‗you know…‘

Only sit down when you are invited

3. Follow-up:
When the interview is over, send a written letter or email to thank the interviewer and take this opportunity to restate your strong points and interests and express your appreciation as well.

After a week, contact the interviewers to ask for interview results