Tuesday, 8 March 2016

How to manage Stress for interviews and presentations???


How to manage Stress for interviews and



1. Think positively: don't jump to conclusions about people's reactions

             Do not forget to use the positive thinking skills that you have been practising up to the event on the day itself. Tell yourself you can do it and try not to jump to conclusions about how people appear to be reacting to you. Some people may look stern or uninterested, when they are actually just concentrating very hard on what you are saying.

2. Prepare strategies in case you feel overwhelmed

            Do something that will distract you from the frozen state. You could change your posture or focus your gaze just above peoples' eyes for a few seconds which may help you to collect your thoughts. If you are really stuck you may need to ask for a short amount of time to concentrate because you have lost your train of thought through nerves. People are generally supportive and will think more positively if they see you trying to gain composure.

3.Visualise success

            Imagine the whole interview process before the actual thing.Visualise yourself being confident and doing a great job.Think of the interviewer as a friend, not a foe.Remind yourself of your strengths.Remind yourself of your purpose in getting the job: it can be anything from developing your skill sets to even providing for your family.

4. Fully understand the nature and requirements of the job.

               Make sure that you are fully informed of the requirements of the job. Review the job advertisement again and ask yourself is this a job that you would really enjoy doing. If you are going for the job just because you need a job then your motivation may not convey any real enthusiasm for the position. If you really want the job and you are enthusiastic and excited about it and see yourself doing it very well then this creates a powerful mindset.

5. Smile

                  Laughter is the closest distance between any two people and a good smile can melt many a concrete professional heart. Aim to smile as sincerely and as often as is possible during the interview and watch how your mood and temperament lighten up and the interview takes on a more positive light. Aside from endearing you to the interviewer, showing you are pleasant and breaking the ice, a polite smile will actually make you feel happier and will lift your spirits.