Thursday, 26 January 2017

The category of Group Discussion


 The category of Group Discussion

1st Category: Sports

1. Indian Premier League- Has cricket lost its essence?– Cricket in India is not just a sport, it is worshipped as a religion. IPL has add a spice to the entertainment but at the same time it has become a business to earn money.
2. Football Means To India–  Football needs team effort without every member’s contribution the team will definitely loose the game. Generally these kind of topics were asked in the interviews to check weather the job seeker will posses the team spirit quality or not along with their reaction when they were asked to work in a team as a member. Football is the game where team effort is required.

2nd Category: Technology and Education

1. Machine Over Man Or Man Over Machine ?– This will put a light on Man v/s machine power which is being the most popular and latest group discussion topic. Man invented Machine so man will always rule the hierarchy. This topic is basically asked in the selection procedure to judge weather a candidate will posses dominating nature or not.
2. Why cant we be world players in industry as we are in software–We prove ourself in the field of technology and education but we are lacking in terms of software industries. The reason behind that is we have brilliant manpower in the software field but with the limited resources. This may be asked for the candidate belonging from software field to check their reaction and motivation power.

3rd Category: Economics and Politics

1. UST Global Current GD Topics UTS Global is the current discussion topic that has been put in the selection procedure of job interviews. The purpose is to check applicant’s knowledge of the currents affairs. UTS Global provides marketing solutions to various companies with their commitment of agility up-to global standards. Through its continuous efforts the company has learn the art of fuel transformation along with the development of entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Economic freedom -Road to growth and prosperityThis topic is basically chosen by the interviewer to judge candidate decision making power with his/her thoughts about the present economical status of the country. What kind of solutions are to be made in order to overcome the economical crises for the betterment. Economics freedom may lead to growth and prosperity when freedom is utilize in a right way.
3. Impact of Rupee Depreciation On Indian Economy  This topic is being popular as the latest andmost discussed topic for group discussion as through this topic the panellist would judge candidate knowledge of Economics current affairsIndian rupee has creates a new historic status due to rise in inflation. This digression in Indian rupee will directly effects the pockets of the Common man.

4th Category: Social Interest

1. Marriage Is A Social Trap– This come under the current discussion topics of interviewer choice. Through this they are willing to know about the candidates social bringing. In my point of view Marriage is about sharing one’s thoughts, happiness and sorrow with other. So how can one say its a trap but due to dowry and wrong attitude of some persons in our society, the word used trap fits best.

2. Women Make Better Bosses Than Men– This topic is being the popular one among the latest group discussion topics and become the first choice of the interviewer to check his/her judgement of ones qualities on the basis of gender. When a person has good skills and ability to execute his work perfectly is only able to become the boss. Apart from this if gender is the point of concentration to judge some one qualities than this will be the reclamation for women.

3. Sarabjeet Singh Death- A Medium to Win Public Votes– This topic is one of the latest group discussion topic, through this the interviewers are willing to know the social awareness of the candidate. Sarabjeet Singh was an Indian national convicted of terrorism and countered as a spy by the Pakistani court. Indian government has made efforts to take out Sarabjeet from the prison but all efforts were worth. Its nothing but just become a medium of earning votes.

4. Delhi Rape Case Justice ?– This is the most frequently asked latest topic for group discussion after the Delhi Rape Case. Through this topic the interviewer would like to know the candidate reaction for such a social injustice.