Tuesday, 31 January 2017




Preparation: Prepare the subject well you have applied for. Lack of knowledge about the subject may at once ruin your chance of getting the job. Study well about the course and its content. Sleep for at least six hours so that you don't look tired the next day.

Good communication skills
 : I believe this is the most important skill which interviewers use to distinguish the best from the rest. Make sure you are confident and clear in what you speak. No blabbering. Do not use jargons which you don’t know. Try to be simple and fluent in your vocabulary.

Salary: Do not discuss money at the first instance. The principal obviously won't negotiate on the salary grounds.  He or she will offer you the amount you deserve and what is being given to the other teachers of your grade.

Good Analytical skills : Practice lot of puzzles! I know that puzzles are probably not the best way to choose candidates but you have to accept the fact that they are heavily used in elimination rounds. Make sure you practice variety of puzzles. Even if you are unable to solve a puzzle at interview, it is very important to show that your approach was structured. That’s all recruiters look for

Get your questions to be asked ready : In general the last question is “Do you have any question for us”. Note that, the interview does not end until unless you leave the room. So you need to kill this question as well. Show your research here. Talk about something new which the company has got into. Try understanding the role better. Try touching up on a few popular debates in the field.

Be enthusiastic: Show your dedication towards the job. Be enthusiastic and energetic. The job of a teacher is to not only educate but help the students in every possible way. 

Documents Keep all your documents well organized in a folder. Also be on time, preferably 15 minutes before so you get time to settle down and calm your nerves.

Strength : Make sure you can support your strengths by giving examples. You can prepare before but don’t falter while talking. It will not create a good impression.

Social networking : Social networking sites like Facebook, Linkdin, Twitter can be used for work opportunities and conversing with other people improving your interpersonal skills.

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