Sunday, 10 July 2016

"How to answer correctly?"


"How to answer correctly?"

1. What color is your brain? 

Colors are commonly linked to describing a person’s mood. 'The interviewee is trying to Gage how you work and whether your personality would fit in well with their working environment.

2. In a news story about your life, what would the headline be? 

'The interviewer wants to gain insight into your general attitude and outlook on life. 'Be clear and to the point, summarizing key highlights in one short sentence. The most important thing to focus on is ensuring your answer portrays a positive side of you. Future employers aren’t keen on negative staff.'

3. What can you make from this piece of paper? 

'This is an opportunity for the interviewer to see how creative you are, whilst working under pressure. 'If you manage to make an origami swan, fantastic! If, like most, you don’t have such skills – it’s the chance to see what you can create on the spot. 
'If you’re applying for a role where one of your main responsibilities is writing, for example a journalist, then you could say that you could make a multitude of stories from that one piece of paper without the help of origami.
'It’s better to do this than spend half an hour folding it into intricate shapes and feeling totally out of your comfort zone.'

4. Tell me a story 

This ambiguous question is to test whether you are able to maintain your professionalism or whether you are the type of person that will digress into an inappropriate story, according to career experts. 
'As hundreds of stories begin flooding into your brain, take a moment to think about which would be the most appropriate. This could be the perfect opportunity to tell your interviewer about a successful experience in the workplace. Keep the story concise and avoid rambling.'