Sunday, 3 April 2016

7 interview tips for freshers that will help you get the job

If you are a fresher going to face an interview and want to prepare for the same here are some tips to be taken into consideration before heading for the interview. It is very normal to have shaky body, nervous breakdown etc but if you rather focus on being yourself you can maintain your calm while cracking for the interview at the same time.`
Here are these tips for fresher
1.       Try to appear your best at the Interview.  Your appearance should convey that you have taken the interview seriously.   Do not try to turn up in the interview in a manner that does not suit you.   Some basics in grooming will help.
a.       Well Groomed Hair
b.      Well Pressed Shirt
c.       Polished Shoes

2.       Know about the company.   You should learn as much as you can about the company.  A good place to start is the company's website.  If you have been referred through a friend also have a frank discussion with him or her.  Also, do a google search  on the company to understand what others are saying about the company.

3.       Answer clearly and directly.  Spell out your ideas as clearly as you can.  Also try to substantiate your ideas with examples.  Don't be overly wordy and try to keep your answers to the point.  Do not try to deviate too much from the question.

4.       Do not be argumentative.  Present your viewpoint and be professional.  If you do not agree with something the Interviewer has said do not spurn it as invalid.  Learn to understand their point of view even if it clashed with your own.  This does not mean that you need to accept their point of view.

5.       Be prepared with questions for the Interviewer.  Most interviewers will give you a chance to ask questions.  Use this opportunity to show your knowledge and interest in the company.  Also this is a good opportunity to clear any doubts that you have.

6.       Address the Interviewer politely.  It is always polite to refer to the Interviewer as SIR or Maam.  You can also address them their Surname (Mr. XXX or Mrs. XXX).  Do not use terms such as Honey, Girl, Dude, Yaar etc.

7.       Be Confident.  Be confident, you have prepared well and this should show in your confidence level in the interview.
General tips for fresher for interview  

  • Fresher Interview Tips The first and foremost that candidate should know is, what are the different types of questions they are going to face in the interview. 
  • Some of such general questions would be like, tell me about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, your accomplishments, subject details etc. Once you know these questions move on to next step. 
  • After you are aware of those general interview questions, prepare a proper plan on how and what to prepare for the interview. 
  • Then, start searching as well as reading about the company that you are going to attend interview, the job profile related roles and responsibilities and also the working conditions. 
  • After you do above, start preparation from reading your CV, your subject, the basic and general questions and many more related to interview. 
  • While attending the interview, politely address your interviews, answer clear and straight forward, be confident, don’t hesitate and don’t ever argue. 
  • To create the first impression, attend the interview at least 15 minutes before the time of interview, maintain good body language.

GO and Get that JOB!  Good Luck!