Purpose of Cover letter


A cover letter is the job seeker's introduction to the employer or recruiter. It can also be a marketing
device. It highlights a few specific points in the job seeker's experience and skills that match or
exceed the requirements of the job. As you begin your job search, you will find that many employers will not only request your resume, but will expect a cover letter as well. Many people overlook the importance of a cover letter, and instead only focus on putting an effort into their resume. However, the cover letter is just as important in getting an employer to call you for an interview. In considering how to write a cover letter with resume it is appropriate to first consider what must be written into your cover letter. First, your cover letter should state what job you are applying for,as well as, the qualifications you possess to do this job. The cover letter should leave the employer wanting to
know more about you, and cause the reviewer to call you for an interview.

Another factor to consider beyond the content of the cover letter is its presentation. When learning
how to write a cover letter with resume, the applicant should use quality paper to print the cover
letter and resume.. Not only should the cover letter be printed on quality paper, it should look
professional without any creases, stains or smudges. 

The reason it is important to put as much effort into learning how to write a cover letter with your
resume is the fact that the cover letter will speak for you first. Within this letter, you will briefly
provide the reasons why the employer should consider hiring you. The cover letter is an important
tool in making your resume stands out from the other resumes that the employer will receive.